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Licence Agreement 2022

Licence Agreement for a Caravan Holiday Home & Pitch Fee from Ender Enterprises LTD (Under the Northern Ireland Caravans Act 2011).

Compulsory: This agreement must be fully filled in with your correct information and signed by the caravan licensee whom is addressed on the Site Fee invoice who are adhering to all the below conditions and re-submitted before 31st October for the new licence to become valid and for your electric to remain switched on.

Please fill in your information below:
Caravan Licence Holder(Referred to as "you/your" throughout this Licence Agreement):

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Particulars Park Owner (referred to as "we/us/our" throughout this Licence Agreement) Business Name: Ender Enterprises Ltd:

Please Select Your Holiday Park:

Your Caravan Details: (referred to as "we")

Make (eg. Willerby):

Model Type (eg. Lyndhurst):

Pitch Number (eg. MV001):

Your Bill:

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Invoice Amount:

Pitch Fee: Please find your new pitch fee invoice sent to your email inbox. Please note all new site licences, are now sent out in September each year and requires the caravan owner to pay a mandatory deposit by the 31st October each year, to secure a pitch for the forth coming season. Any remaining balance of the pitch fee must be fully paid prior to the 1st March or a £100 penalty will apply thereafter.

Holiday Season: Our holiday season expires on the 31st of October in any one year and again starts off on the 1st November of that year. Please note the four conditions to obtain a discount on your site fee bill are;

1/ Your £700 holding deposit must be fully paid by 31st October.

Please remember the Covid Credit cannot be used towards the £700 deposit.

2/ All your utility bills have been paid by the correct dates.

3/ A fully signed and filled-in site license is submitted by the 31st October.

4/ You have insured your caravan through Milne Holiday Park insurers (A J Gallagher), only then will you be guaranteed any discount and officially have book a pitch for the forthcoming season.

Summary of some important terms of this licence agreement:

Agreement Period (stated above): This means that once the Agreement Period has expired, you must arrange with us for the Caravan to be removed from the park unless you and we enter into a fresh agreement. There will be no obligation to enter into such an agreement on you or us. Please read the rate of commission payable to us on resale of the caravan pitch (See clause 6.1.2)

Right to replace your caravan: Your right to replace the Caravan under this Licence Agreement on a Pitch is limited to replacement only following destruction by fire, natural disaster or other similar occurrence. All replacement dealings can only be agreed through site office with agreement from site owner. (See clause 2.4)

Holiday Licence Agreement / Clause 4.2: The following parks are entitled to use the caravan each year from 1st November up to 31st October the following year, Cranfield Bay Holiday Park, Silvercove Holiday Park & Shanlieve Holiday Park and Mourneview Holiday Park. Please note; January and February are weekends only. Agreement period of caravan usage dates: as stated above in clause 4.2.

Site Rules: You agree that you have been given access, have read and will fully comply with the Site Rules, the Statutory Implied Terms and the Express Terms & Conditions. Your password will also be provided each year in your “Site Licence”, it will also be given to new customers when going through the sales process. The password is available on request from the Park Managers; Please input your password to read these documents.

Risk Assessments:  By signing this they are agreeing to adhere to any and all risk assessment measures that are included in Milne Holiday Parks Rules and Regulations contained in the Site Documents webpage: This may be updated throughout the year to adhere to new rules imposed by Councils, National or Local Government or otherwise, in which will we notify you by email.

Insurance: You must insure the Caravan in accordance with clause 4.5. New for Old or Market Value.

Privacy Policy: By signing our site licence and agreeing to our terms and conditions, you are agreeing to our Privacy Policy which is linked below. Milne Holiday Parks are committed to protecting and respecting your privacy. This policy (together with our terms of use and any other documents referred to on it) sets out the basis on which any personal data we collect from you, or that you provide to us, will be processed by us. Please read the following carefully to understand our views and practices regarding your personal data and how we will treat it.

Hiring / Letting / Loaning out the caravan: Is not permitted, the caravan use is for licence holder and direct family members only ref Part 3 Clause 1.5. Unless with agreement from the park owner.

Pitch Services: Available with payment included within pitch fee: Waste Management. Available at additional charge: – Electricity – Gas – Water to be advised – Sewerage to be advised.

Signatures: Only sign this legally binding Licence Agreement if you agree that you have been given sufficient time to have read it and fully understand its terms and conditions, and have acknowledged that you have been provided access to the (Statutory Implied Terms); (Express Terms & Conditions) and (Site Rules) and have read and will fully adhere to these. Please discuss with us any terms you do not understand or do not wish to agree to, before signing.

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Signed by Alan Milne
Signed On: October 4, 2021

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