Everyone at Cranfield Bay had a fantastic time this Easter, not only did we have wonderful sunshine, we also had a brilliant visit from ‘Wee Critters’ which proved to be a big hit from adults and kids alike.

The crowds enjoyed the educational yet extremely fun experience of meeting some wonderful creatures. The skunk, snakes, mice, cockroaches, millipedes to name a few and even the spiders were a huge hit with old and young! This 3 hour visit was packed out with everyone sharing in the experience and challenging their inner fears!

Whilst ‘Wee Critters’ were entertaining we also had an open day to view our wonderful range of caravans, we had intended to hold an open day on Easter Monday but ended up chatting and meeting potential new customers on the Sunday, Monday and Tuesday!

All our customers and visitors had a great time mingling and enjoying the wonderful weather and friendly atmosphere at Cranfield Bay! Why don’t you come along and see what we have to offer at Cranfield Bay 😀

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