Caravan Owners Earn yourself £1,600 in 3 easy steps:

1) Firstly register your referrals name & address by text or whats app to 07793 750116 or by email only to (please note referrals can only be accepted which are sent to these contact details)

2) Should they then purchase, we credit you £250 for the 1st successful introduction, £350 for the 2nd, £450 for the 3rd and £550 for the 4th. T&C’s Apply

3) Please make sure the referral details are sent to the above details no later than 48hrs prior to the friends visit to the park or there enquiry to Milne Holiday Parks.

It really is that simple.

T & C’s-

  • For referral to be valid it must lead to the purchase of a stock unit at Milne Holiday Parks, to remain on the parks.
  • Contact details must be sent to ONLY by the owner, prior to customer buying. Can’t be done on day of purchase, must be 48hours before park visit or purchase & can’t be a made appointment or self-generated customer by Milne Holiday Park or its employees
  • All referral money, will be given as a credit onto owners account. Which can be used to pay for Site Fees, electric or Insurance. This will be credited once full balance is paid and new customer has moved in.
  • Referral fee only paid out on caravan purchases above £10,000.
  • Once an owner gets to 4th referral & £550. They go back to the start.
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