Here at Shanlieve Holiday Park, it’s not all about the kids! Mum & dad deserve a break too. What better way for dad’s to chill than a spot of deep sea fishing? Each year we charter a boat and skipper from Greencastle Pier and set of on an adventure onboard the Pisces II with Peyton Cunningham. This year the tide was perfect for Tope fishing and about a mile out past the lighthouse we found the perfect spot. All fish are caught on a catch, tag and release basis to preserve our natural sea life in and around the Cranfield / Carlingford shoreline. All in all, 3 Tope were caught on this trip, one by park manager Aaron Hazley, one by Morris Gilmore and the final by Justin Hyde. A great days craic with the highlight being when Justin’s Tope fought back and bit him on the nose! A trip that will surely be repeated soon.

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